Hurtta Casual Padded Dog Collar
4.2 out of 5 stars 84 reviews
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  • NO TWO DOGS ARE THE SAME - Don’t guess on the size. Take proper measurements in the correct locations then compare your dog’s measurements to the size chart
  • SAFE - The safety and adjustability of Hurtta padded collars makes them an excellent choice. The safety lock mechanism is designed so the stress caused by pulling is not placed on the clip buckle
  • COMFORTABLE - By distributing the pressure caused by pulling across a larger area, the Neoprene-padded Hurtta collar softens the stress placed on the dog’s neck and throat area
  • NO CHAFE - The ergonomic collar does not chafe the dog’s neck thanks to soft Neoprene padding which also makes the collar machine washable
  • STRONG - The collar structure has allowed the extension of the padded section without compromising adjustability and improving the pulling strength of the collar