Meinl Cymbals B16EDCH Byzance Extra Dry 16-Inch China Cymbal (VIDEO)
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  • Hand hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze alloy — the super dry and trashy Byzance 16” Extra Dry China is a fiery cymbal that packs a powerful bite — elevate your crash-riding with its quick response and punctuate fills with ultra-trashy effects
  • Raw yet refined — Byzance Extra Dry cymbals appear to be raw, but their design and sound is highly refined through extensive hand hammering — this is one of the most intriguing voices within the Byzance family that attracts many drummers
  • Effortless sound — the thin weight of Byzance Extra Dry cymbals in combination with the dry surface puts them in a musical range that is useful in virtually any style — the underside of this cymbal is fully lathed to blend smoothness into its dry feel
  • Designed for power, nuance and definition — these cymbals punctuate while adding loads of texture with fine stick definition — at low volumes, they deliver an earthy, mellow sound, and they can reach explosive status when laying into them with intensity
  • Modern versatility rooted in tradition — hand hammered into shape in Turkey using cast B20 bronze, Meinl Byzance cymbals are deeply rooted in traditional cymbal crafting methods, yet their old-world background is dialed-in to 21st century needs
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Although they appear to be raw, Byzance Extra Dry cymbals are meticulously refined through extensive hand hammering and shaping. Designed to be dry, fast, trashy and low, this is one of the most intriguing voices within Byzance that attracts many drummers. The crashes, splashes and china cymbals all explode and unleash a gritty texture from within when played at high decibels, while creating a soft white noise effect at lower volumes. The hihats and rides are crisp in definition with a trashy character. These cymbals are made in Turkey from cast B20 bronze and hand hammered into shape by skilled Turkish cymbal smiths. The bottom side of the hihats, crashes, splashes and chinas are lathed for a flexible feel and smooth finish, while the rides are left unlathed for greater definition. The Transition Ride is lathed and polished on the bottom to a brilliant finish.