RN-2732L (27X32MM)
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  • Opposite side dimension (mm) : 27 x 32 L
  • Thickness (mm) : 124
  • Total length (mm) : 400
  • Material : Special Alloy Steel
  • Finish : Green baked-on finish

Optimal for tightening in the deep grooves of C or H shaped channels and angles. Convenient for use on long bolts (U nuts of car-bodies and ducts.) The opening of the socket for change-over of the reversible type enables easy cleaning of sand and dirt, etc. Lubricate before use. All of the size have hole for safety rope. (17x19 / 17x21 / 19x21 have 2 holes) "Development is the manufacturer’s vital way to contribute to the good of the society.” Since its establishment in 1918 as a development-oriented company, CO., LTD. has developed a variety of products through the technology and creativity accumulated over 100 years of tradition and history. We have been producing hand tools since the establishment of our company. For nearly a century, we have kept on developing new products under our business motto, “in pursuit of more safety and efficiency.” Our products with affluent variety have been highly valued and welcomed in many countries in the world as well as in the domestic market. We actively develop new products applicable in new field of business by focusing on quality first policy based on “customer’s satisfaction.” [Products] 1. General Hand Tools : Wrench / Spanner / Pliers (Ratchet Wrench, Offset Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, C-Clamps, Grip-Pliers, Socket Wrench, etc. ,) Piping Tools (Tube Cutter, Flaring Tool, Pipe Wrench, Super Tong, Motor Wrench, PVC Pipe Cutter, etc. ,) Pullers (Gear Pullers, Armature Bearing Pullers, Bearing Pullers, Shock Speed Pullers, etc. ,) 2. Industrial Equipment Tools : Fixture and Tool (Jig Block, Jig Plate, Precision Vise, Clamping Tool, Knurling Holder, Bite Holder, Carbide Burr, etc. ,) Lifting Clamp (For Steel/Concrete/Housing,) Cranes (JIB Crane (Stationary Type, Pillar Fitting Type, Movable Type, Portable Telescope Type,) Free Crane, Portable Gate Type Crane, Multi Crane, Crane for Clean Room, Special Crane, etc. ,) Air Equipment (Vacuum Chuck and Micro Air Grinder.)