VICKI·VICKI Women's Platform Sandals Wedge Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals
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VICKI·VICKI Women's Platform Sandals Espadrille Wedge Ankle Strap Open Toe


VICKI·VICKI are in tireless pursuit of the lastest trend footwear to offer you the best possible wearing experience.

We have a range of high-heeled espadrille wedges for women, we are dedicated to the production of wedges, and based on our many years of experience, we try to make our products as comfortable as possible.

Timeless classics Wedge Sandals should never go out of style as we have investigated the apparent love-hate relationship with these shoes to find out whether they’re still worth digging, it is inspiring a new generation of builders, creators

Braided jute platform to balance wedge heel,great slope and curve to the footbed and perfect to add a few inches to your frame

About Shoes Design

With innovative biomechanical technology concealed, VICKI·VICKI makes more than just shoes, we offer the best possible wearing experience so you could enjoy all life’s occasions with confidence and comfort.

Bottom: unique brown wavy rubber sole, durable and provide plenty of traction

US: 4 =  Foot Length: 21.5 cm/8.5"

US: 5 = Foot Length: 22.3cm/8.75"

US: 5.5 = Foot Length: 22.76 cm/8.9"

US: 6 =  Foot Length: 23.2 cm/9.1"

US: 6.5 = Foot Length: 23.6 cm/9.3"

US: 7 = Foot Length: 24 cm/9.48"

US: 7.5 = Foot Length: 24.4cm/9.6"

US: 8 = Foot Length: 24.9cm/9.8"

US: 8.5 = Foot Length: 25.3cm/9.9"

US: 9 = Foot Length: 25.7cm/10.1"

US: 9.5 = Foot Length: 26.1cm/10.3"

US: 10 = Foot Length: 26.5cm/10.45"

US: 10.5 = Foot Length: 27cm/10.6"

US: 11 = Foot Length: 27.4cm/10.75"